Beautiful Home Remodeling and Renovations in Bensenville, IL

Beautiful Home Remodeling and Renovations in Bensenville, IL

Legacy Design & Construction is renowned for its innovation in home remodeling and renovations, creating beautiful environments for families in Bensenville, IL with compatible living conditions that work for you. With 18,352 people residing in Bensenville, the majority has trusted in our quality services while working within budget limits. Home to the Edge Ice Arena and the Churchville School, our community is constantly growing in Cook County making home renovations a common necessity. Want to design a home remodel project? We can help! Our team works closely with customers for visual concepts and home remodeling ideas that deliver the results you're looking for. This includes kitchens, bathrooms, basements, creating additional rooms, and extensions. Our 30 years of experience will solicit a finished project making your home look brand new. Check out our customers reviews to see what homeowners are saying about us.

Kitchen Remodeling Services

Kitchen remodeling ideas for small kitchens or large comes from a creative collaboration between our team and our customers. Your vision speaks volumes in terms of desired layout plan for utility, and visual aesthetics. At Legacy Design & Construction you design your own kitchen by working with our experts to find a suitable working space while including all amenities you need. Anything from kitchen wall decor ideas to a specific floor design makes all of the difference by finding what works for your family and budget in your home remodeling project.

Professional Bathroom Remodeling

Here at Legacy Design & Construction we take all of your bathroom remodeling ideas and conceptualize them into reality. Working with our team you will begin to transform your bathroom into a modern-day sanctuary. We handle all aspects from start to finish, working within your set space and budget goal. Any idea from bathroom tile designs for showers and floors, to vanity layout for space and amenity placement, is a great way to begin the project. Our goal is for Bensenville homeowners to feel their opinion and vision is top priority when working with our home remodeling team.

Basement Remodeling Services

Getting basement remodeling is an experience that requires a professional approach from start to finish. The best basement finishing ideas & designs are achieved with the creative concepts of our lead designers while working with our customer's vision. We handle everything from room enclosure to floor tiling. Furniture for a basement is always considered in the layout plan and goes hand-in-hand with how the basement finishing project will be completed.

Renovations For Your Home

Other renovations we provide include the entire home and infrastructure. If your current floor plan is no longer desired we have professional craftsmen with years of experience that can work around the original layout of your home to modify and design a new living space. Home remodeling ideas for small homes or large homes comes easy when we work with our customers. We coordinate with your thoughts of what this space will be utilized for and find the appropriate measurements with considered budget to deliver results. Where to start when renovating a house in a place like Bensenville, IL? Consult one of our professionals to find out what your options are and begin the process of planning the project.

New Home Additions

If you're looking for room additions to your home there are several ways to accomplish this. This process is less daunting than homeowners realize and can meld well with your existing style, design, and layout plan. The first step is to re-evaluate your living space and current rooms. We can either split one room into two spaces, shift certain walls and interiors to create room, are completely add an extension. That's it! Building an addition to a house comes natural with our years of experience following all building code regulations and certifications our home remodeling company has acquired. Whether you have an older frame or sloped landscape, we guarantee all room extensions to an existing home will be seamless and provide an adequate living space you will enjoy.

Consult A Home Remodeling Expert Today!

Our staff is reliable with fast response time to any inquiries of our services. Once you consult one of our professionals a home remodeling estimator tool will be used to figure the costs while we work with you to meet budget limits. You can view our home renovation designs in our portfolio that has photos of completed projects at Legacy Design & Construction. Founded in 1873, Bensenville, IL remains a small yet quaint town that continues to grow. We believe this is a great place for renovations and remodeling to keep the demographics strong and property values soaring. With our expertise in working within constrained budgets we can help homeowners gain value with their home without breaking the bank.