Expert Home Remodeling & Renovations Within Bloomingdale, IL Area

Expert Home Remodeling & Renovations Within Bloomingdale, IL Area

Our team excels in competitive home remodeling and renovation services by building improved versions of houses in Bloomingdale, IL while working within a set budget. No project is too large or too small for our company. Originally called "Meacham's Grove", Bloomingdale was founded in 1833 by farmers who believed in working hard for a better future. At Legacy Design & Construction we believe in the same thing, making home remodeling our basis for improving living accommodations that create growth in our estate and community as a whole without overspending. We provide many services in this industry including renovations for bathrooms, basements, kitchens, additions, rooms, and extensions. If you have set ideas for home renovations we can help. We encourage customers to share their concepts with our team to propose a proper solution that is satisfactory for your family. Home remodeling costs and estimates are provided at reasonable rates with our company and better calculated after figuring materials, space, and amenities. Check out our customers reviews to see what homeowners are saying about us.

Kitchen Remodeling

At Legacy Design & Construction we're the expert contractors for kitchen remodeling with our hand-picked professional renovation specialists. With the right kitchen wall decor ideas, floor plans, islands, amenity placement, and new cabinetry, your project is guaranteed to look beautiful and modern along side other Bloomingdale homes. The best interior design kitchen is conceived from the creative minds of our home remodeling team with your direction and desires leading the way. Taking into consideration the amount of space that will be utilized versus workable internal space makes all the difference with proper planning.

Bathroom Remodeling Services

Getting your bathroom remodeled has never been easier. Listed as one of the most common home remodeling projects we specialize in all aspects of renovating bathrooms from start to finish. This includes tile work for showers, floors, and tubs, custom vanities, layouts, walk-in shower installation, and more. You will not be disappointed in any of our projects as we custom build bathroom designs and floor plans based on our customers' vision. Any visual aesthetics and layout ideas are welcomed for customer satisfaction. Do you have specific bathroom tile designs for showers? Let us know! Or we can share some of our concepts for you choose.

Complete Basement Remodeling

Do you have a basement that's never been finished? Often wonder what that space could be used for? Here at Legacy Design & Construction we offer a full rework of your basement. We have many finished basement ideas, floor plans, and layout designs all based around modern trends in Bloomingdale, IL and types of usage. Depending on what your direction is, we can help provide a solid concept after consultation. Measurements, assessment of living space, furniture for the basement, wall decorations, or types of flooring are elements considered during a basement remodeling project with our team.


Renovations are our specialty. Any room, any location, and any idea is well within reach with our 5-star rated company. In our 30 years of experience we have the knowledge and expertise to assess and recreate more modern and beautiful home remodeling projects. Whether you're looking to expand or rebuild your current floor plan we can help. Finding the right quote is a simple process once consulted with our professionals. It requires our team to know living space and desired visual aesthetics as well as layout. Once finished, we can begin the home renovation process.

Home Additions & Extensions

Having an extension added to your home can mean the different between finding a new house in the market or residing in your current space. There's a lot of hassles with switching home, and here at Legacy Design & Construction we believe renovation is innovation. Our team's professional approach will apprehend all available space to see what is workable within your home, while also addressing a set budget limit. Our home remodeling company can create home additions by adding new rooms within your house or simply adding an extension on the exterior. Will this extension look "added"? Absolutely not. Our professionals are excellent at creating a seamless frame and pattern matching your current designs & styles.

Schedule An Appointment With Our Home Remodeling Team!

Learning more about how we can assist you is the first step in this process. We acquire all of the information, your ideas, walk through all design concepts, and then begin planning the project. Then, we can figure the home remodeling costs by working within your budget. We encourage homeowners to be one of the 22,018 people residing in Bloomingdale, IL to continue improving DuPage County with beautiful, quality renovations for your families and our community. Contact us and schedule an appointment with a professional today!