Custom Home Remodeling & Renovations Serving Downers Grove, IL

Custom Home Remodeling & Renovations Serving Downers Grove, IL

Come join the thousands of homeowners who have trusted our experts to renovate and remodel their homes in Downers Grove, IL area. Out of the 49,715 living in Downers Grove, our company has prospered from our direct approach with customers, finding a reasonable budget while creating beautiful, modern home remodeling within spending limitations. Established in 1832, our town was founded on the principles of expansion and better living with the Burlington and Quincy Railroad years ago. We continue the legacy of our city with renovations that follow all latest trends in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as living rooms, room additions, extensions, and basement spaces. We have 30 years of experience in the industry delivering excellent results that are expected from professional home remodeling experts. Feel free to view our customers reviews at any time and see what residents say about our premium services.

Kitchen Remodeling

Legacy Design & Construction believes in letting homeowners have the ability to design their own kitchen. This is achieved by working side-by-side with our designers to create a workable living space while including all amenities you need within budget limitations. Our goal is to make all kitchen remodeling for small kitchens or large a reality from conception to building. Your vision is our desired goal, from kitchen wall decor ideas to floor design. We guarantee to make your new home remodeling project within or under spending constraints without compromising quality.

Bathroom Remodeling & Designing

Our goal is to transform any bathroom into a comfortable sanctuary that homeowners in Downers Grove can enjoy. Do you have some ideas on bathroom tile designs for showers and floors? A specific vanity layout in mind? We're here to listen and remodel your bathroom based on preferences by our customers. We also prioritize all home remodeling aspects from start to finish, working within your set space and budget goal without breaking the bank.

Basement Remodeling and Finishing

The best basement finishing ideas & designs come from a collaboration between you and our design team, our experts have the knowledge you need to design your dream basement. We then figure the budget and find the best approach for materials, decorations, furniture layout, and wall placement. At Legacy Design & Construction we specialize in making basement remodeling a completed project for years to come. Our goal is to make this a livable, comfortable area in your home for whichever purpose it may be intended. Get your home remodeling project started on the right path with our lead experts.

Renovations For Your Home

Home remodeling ideas for small homes or large housing units begin with a solid concept and creative ideas from our customers and our team. Working collectively, we can generate an excellent renovation plan for your home. Where to start when renovating a house in a competitive area like Downers Grove? Speak with a certified professional at Legacy Design & Construction. We can rework any living space and any room within your home for a better, more desired arrangement.

Additions For Your Home

Creating a new room addition to your home has never been easier! With our years of experience following all building code regulations and certifications our home remodeling company has achieved in Illinois, your new project is in good hands. The process for adding or subtracting rooms, or building an extension is a lot simpler than most homeowners think. We assess all living space and current rooms and then decide which rooms will be split, certain walls to be shifted around, and rearrange the space seamlessly.

Speak To Our Home Remodeling Specialist Now!

Budget is always a concern. However, if you have a set goal in mind and wish to speak with a home remodeling specialist we have dozens of customer representatives ready to take your call. You may consult one of our specialists who can schedule an appointment for initial assessment. We then use our home remodeling estimator tool and manual calculations to find a rough cost. With major local colleges in Downers Grove like DeVry University and Midwestern University, you want to keep your home updated to the latest renovation standards by providing a longterm living environment for your children while also keeping up with economic property value. Don't hesitate to view our remodeling gallery for portfolio and inspiration purposes, or simple contact us via phone or email to schedule a consultation.