Your Local Home Remodeling & Renovations Experts in Geneva, IL

Your Local Home Remodeling & Renovations Experts in Geneva, IL

At Legacy Design & Construction we believe in comprehensive care when it comes to home remodeling and renovations for homeowners in the competitive area of Geneva, IL. With roughly 21,707 residents living in this area, our team has been on a quest to achieve modern renovations that work for families and the confinements of budgets. The town was founded in 1835 with a flux of Swedish immigrants who settled along the Fox River, established on the like-minded understanding of advanced home improvement and innovative structural engineering for better living. That's why our team is renowned for it's forerunning in the modern age of innovation to provide premium remodeling services in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and more. Our home remodeling company has over 30 years experience delivering beautiful results that you can expect from real experts.

Designer Kitchen Remodeling

Our priority is to provide expert kitchen remodeling for small or large kitchens with your plans in mind.. We account for space, value, material, time, and budget, in any of our projects to help you build your dream kitchen. Balancing between quality and cost is our specialty, proven by many homeowners and their customer reviews that have experienced our difference. From kitchen wall decor ideas to amenity layout, we strive for perfection from start to finish in any home remodeling project.

Bathroom Remodeling Services

We're here to remodel your bathroom solely based on your ideas, functionality, and preference. If you're looking for specific bathroom tile designs for showers and wish your vision brought to reality, Legacy Design & Construction is here to help. We have a large catalog of pre-conceptualized work as well as a portfolio to find inspiration. We take home remodeling services seriously and provide professional results.

Basement Remodeling

Our goal is to make your basement a more comfortable space with modern designs and layouts that work for your family. Through our basement remodeling services you will acquire a new room with all the latest trending concepts that match your homes' look and feel. All basement finishing ideas have been created by a cooperate approach between our designers and our customers, finding the perfect fit. Your vision and our coordination to bring the concept into reality is our priority and specialty. Home remodeling in any part of your home is an art in some ways, and we strive for perfection with any finished project.


Where does a company begin when renovating a house? With such a large competitive community in Geneva, IL where modern home renovations play a major role, it's no wonder people have sought Legacy Design & Construction for all of their remodeling needs. Our approach for innovative designs comes from coordinating with customers and their ideas. We work with all of our clients to find the best fit in trending renovations while still working within your budget limitations. Our craftsmen are reliable and flexible in the design process to create a more desired home layout within any room of your home.

Room Additions & Home Extensions

Sometimes families grow out of their homes, or simply need additional space to make room for other activities. Legacy Design & Construction specializes in room additions that will create more space while utilizing the amount of area currently available and/or reworking other rooms in the home. The process for adding or subtracting rooms is a lot less complicated than homeowners realize, and less costly. We design and remodel homes to fit your needs and current style. If you're home does not have enough manageable space, we provide home extensions that increase living areas.

Speak To Our Home Remodeling Specialist Now!

We have our own home remodeling estimator tool that only works with coordination of the homeowners, their ideas, budget speculation, and detailed information on their current layout & space. Taking into account all of these elements we can then provide a measurable cost. If you contact us today one of our specialist will consult with you on basic information, and then schedule an appointment. With Geneva, IL being a beautiful place to live, and nominated by Bloomberg Business Week as the best place to raise a child in Illinois, it's no wonder that home renovations has become the most important service for families in the area. Known for The Fabyan Windmill, the authentic Dutch windmill dating back from when the town was founded, Geneva, IL continues to be a historical area founded on better living and better housing for raising families.