Modernized Home Remodeling and Renovations Within Hanover Park, IL

Modernized Home Remodeling and Renovations Within Hanover Park, IL

Are you tired of not having enough space? Legacy Design & Construction can help with renovations and remodeling for the large community of Hanover Park, IL. Residing on the edge of Cook and DuPage counties, Hanover Park is a large town that follows the footsteps of surrounding communities in the advancement of modern living and remodeling. With a population of 37,973 residents we help homeowners in our service area realize their dreams for a modern and clean home. This includes bathrooms and kitchens which among the most common home remodeling projects. We encourage our customers to share their renovation ideas for small homes or large homes in order to better assist our designers goal of designing your dream living space. Our team works well within budget limitations, utilization of materials, and resources. With over 30 years experience in home remodeling we continue to provide quality services for families in need.

Expansive Kitchen Remodeling

When you're looking for contractors for kitchen remodel, you want trained experts that will work with your ideas to design your kitchen. Our team is renowned for it's ability to work closely with customers in any home remodeling project to maintain a strict budget. We provide kitchen remodeling designs that are modern and improve the space your family will utilize. This includes providing homeowners with a range of selections for amenities such as countertops, appliances, and cabinets, which are all important aspects of any kitchen remodel. Depending on your goals, we will design your space to fit your needs.

Bathroom Remodeling Services

Our priority is to create beautifully remodeled bathrooms that prescribe to modern standards for your bathroom. Our experts are excellent at working within space and budget limitations to provide you with expert craftsmanship without going over spending limitations. We invite homeowners to share their bathroom remodeling ideas with our design team so we can better serve their wants. Customer approval is important to us for establishing better living conditions. After all, the whole purpose of remodeling your bathroom is to create a space that is better utilized by your family. We have several examples of our bathroom remodeling services that can be viewed in our bathroom design for inspiration.

Basement Remodeling

Do you want that special 'man cave' you've always dreamed? Or, are you perhaps looking to create an entertainment room for your children? Our team strives to create some of the best basement finishing ideas & designs in our modern age by working closely with our customers. If you're a homeowner seeking a finished basement of any kind, we can help. In many cases, we are the home remodeling company that residents of Hanover Park, IL trusts due to our professionalism and quality. With the rise of renovations being the forefront of modern living compromises, we aim to make your basement more comfortable.

Reliable Renovations

Hanover Park was establised in 1958, and the homes here are fairly modern often only need small renovations to keep with trends. With our innovative design team and your ideas we can create better living arrangements within your house by transforming your layout and repurposing spaces. Renovating small or large homes is our specialty. Whether it's a few rooms or the entire house, we are an experienced company who has been assisting homeowners for over 30 years, and can provide the results you're looking for. Our team knows how to achieve specific goals within budget limitations in all renovations.

House Extensions and Additions

If you're looking to add additional rooms or house extension we can help with our expert craftsmen from start to finish. We first consult homeowners about desired space and materials to help design their dream living space within their budget. We utilize your current living space to create room additions in the most subtle way. Our home additions team is trained to create living spaces that look like they were part of the original home. If there is no effective space to work with we carefully construct an extension on the exterior with a seamless frame. Depending on the amount of rooms or space you wish to gain will determine the amount of time the home remodeling project endures.

Speak With A Renovation and Remodeling Team Member!

Out of the 37,973 residents living in Hanover Park, IL, 11,264 households are always looking for advanced home renovations to avoid the necessity of moving, and to help in the economic growth of property value in this small community. Our team is familiar with the area and the set standards for home visual aesthetics, and can assist where needed. Over the years we have become the trusted name in the industry and value our customers. If you would like to learn more or gain more information about your potential project, contact us and you can speak one of our team members who can help. Design a home remodel today!