Quality Home Remodeling and Renovations Specialists Serving Hoffman Estates, IL

Quality Home Remodeling and Renovations Specialists Serving Hoffman Estates, IL

Over the years home remodeling and renovations have become an important part of homes in Hoffman Estates, IL. Our company considers the history of Hoffman Estates a direct reflection of the community attitude towards modern renovations and the ongoing motto "Growing to Greatness". We believe this remains true with thousands of homeowners experiencing the benefit of home remodeling and our professional services that have been an aid in this motto. At Legacy Design & Construction we offer renovated rooms in all areas of your home including basements, kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms. Hoffman Estates was established in 1959 when the Northwest Tollway first opened (interstate 90), and the neighborhood began to grow and expand in modern housing. Our goal is to continue making this town a better place by working with homeowners to design updated and modern living spaces.

Large or Small Kitchen Remodeling

Having your creative perspective for kitchen remodeling valued and respected is important to us. In fact, we prefer to work with our customers to bring new innovative ideas for a better interior design kitchen project. You would be working with real experts in the industry to bring your home up-to-date in the latest trends and modern standards. We prepare and plan your layout based around the workable space and appliances needed. Then, we collaborate with you for other aspects such as kitchen wall decor ideas, tiling, and more. When you want to help design a home remodel project with the contractors beside you, choose Legacy Design & Construction.

Beautiful Bathroom Remodeling

Do you have ideas for you modern bathroom remodel? Do you have a specific layout in mind? Rest assured our company is here to listen and cooperate with you to help you achieve your perfect bathroom during the bathroom remodeling process. We strive for all of our customers to be happy and content with the results that we provide. This includes custom built bathroom designs and floor plans that meld with the rest of your home and family. We also have a large selection of trendy bathroom concepts if you're unsure of what you would like. We believe home remodeling designs are an art form and customers should be included in the process.

Basement Remodeling Services

At Legacy Design & Construction we provide outstanding basement remodeling services that deliver all of the necessary elements a home remodeling project requires. Taking into account the flooring, decor, furniture layout, available space, and the desired function our team can design your dream basement. We continue to offer the best finished basement ideas and layouts that align with the latest trends and standards for Hoffman Estates homeowners. Figuring out what would be the optimal utilization of your basement is the beginning, and we invite homeowners to share their thoughts for better results.


Whether or not you're looking for a revitalize of your space or expand your living area, our renovation experts can help you achieve your goals. Acquiring all proper measurements of the space is the first step to any home renovation design. We then design and build concepts to appropriately fit the needs of your family and home, as well as budget limitations.

We accomplish home additions by reworking the living space to create additional rooms and/or building an extension. Our approach solicits a different experience than other home remodeling companies in the Hoffman Estates area, by encompassing every aspect of your home. The intent and purpose behind adding a new room will make a huge difference on how our company builds. Creating the right design and layout depends on your way of life and family needs. Our team works closelty with customers to make sure results are satisfactory, and to include any ideas you may have.

Get In Touch Our Home Remodeling Company

Our advise to homeowners in the Hoffman Estates area is experience the difference in our company. Out of 51,895 resident living in Hoffman Estates, become a part of the economic growth through home remodeling and renovations like so many others. Contact Legacy Design & Construction today and schedule an appointment to consult with an expert craftsman with years of experience. After all gathered information we can provide accurate costs.