Professional Home Remodeling and Renovations Experts in Naperville, IL

Professional Home Remodeling and Renovations Experts in Naperville, IL

Do you want to makeover your home in Naperville, IL? Our company offers professional home remodeling services that are certified and approved by Illinois state regulations. Renovations are our specialty, with over 30 years of experience and hundreds of customers served in the area. Naperville was once ranked the wealthiest city in the Midwest, one of the safest cities in the United States (by USAToday and Business Insider), and nominated 2nd place for best city to live in (by Money Magazine). These nominations and rankings were achieved by the citizens of napervilles drive to continuously remodel their homes to maintain modern trends. This includes that various potential upgrades for luxurious bathrooms, expansive kitchens, and comfortable basements. As Naperville's trusted home renovation contractors, Legacy Design & Construction is here to help. Check out our customer reviews to view homeowner testimonials, and our portfolio for home remodeling ideas.

Kitchen Remodeling

We create kitchen design layouts that serve your individual needs and available space. Our beautiful kitchen remodeling projects are designed with your needs in mind for easy transition between tasks while still preserving convenience and appearance. If you have any kitchen makeovers ideas that you would like to voice, our team is here to listen. We're one of the few home remodeling companies in Naperville that listen their customers for input and creativity.

Shower & Bathroom Remodeling

At Legacy, you're invited to share your bathroom remodeling ideas with our team to find the most suitable renovation for your master bathroom. Our experts make accommodations for all of your basic needs and the extra amenities that are convenient for luxury. Designing a bathroom remodel is a creative experience that we coordinate with our customers to build a completed concept. All space and amenities are included in the process.

Basement Remodeling and Finishing

Basement remodeling is no different than any other renovation project. In fact, designing a remodel for your basement is more dependent on what function the space will provide thank any other project. Do you want an entertainment room or 'man-cave'? Do you have growing teens with an increasing need for a safe hang-out space? Our team can help with versatile and flexible basement finishing that will encompass every aspect you can think of. If you're unsure, we have plenty of generic concepts and layout plans that should fit all of your basic needs. Home remodeling can be tricky, but here at Legacy Design & Construction we want your renovations to be flexible; where expansion and redecorating is possible without the limitations of permanent layouts.

Room Renovations

How does one renovate a house on a budget? In most cases it can seem impossible, with unexpected circumstances and material costs always on the rise. However, with Legacy Design & Construction we have a proven track-record of accomplishing project goals without breaking your budget during renovations. We can renovate and rearrange virtually any room and any layout into a more desirable living space. If you're unsure of what you're looking for, or need a bit of inspiration, we have dozens of catalogues and previous completed projects by our team that can be shared during consultation. As a home remodeling company we strive for perfection and quality customer care.

Additions and Extensions

Our team at Legacy Design & Construction specializes in building home additions for families who need extra living or working space in their homes. We can create many room additions utilizing the current space used and/or reevaluating other rooms. The goal is to 'recycle' what we can without renovating too much of your home. If there isn't enough space to use, we can also build a house extension. With home remodeling designs you can never be too careful when adding an exterior extension. However, our team is proficient at creating seamless extensions that meld well with the rest of your home.

Get A Home Renovation and Remodeling Consultation!

At Legacy Design & Construction our team is devoted to the modern trends for better living and better homes through our home remodeling and renovations. That being said, we invite homeowners of the 147,112 population residing in Naperville, IL, to become part of the exponential growth in our community with higher property values, returned real estate, and economic growth, to preserve your family's well-being with prosperous neighborhoods and housing. You may contact us at any time via phone or online contact form for more information or to schedule an appointment for consultation.