Reliable Home Remodeling and Renovations Company in Roselle, IL

Reliable Home Remodeling and Renovations Company in Roselle, IL

Do you have ideas for remodeling your home? Are you a homeowner in Roselle, IL? Legacy Design & Construction can help with our professional home renovations team, bringing custom home make-over concepts to life for over 30 years. Roselle was incorporated and perceived as a 'bedroom community' since 1922; a commuters place of friendly neighbors, living, and beautifully remodeled homes. Over the years, Roselle has increased in population but at a smaller rate than other communities, sitting at around 22,000 people. As a small, quaint town with quiet residential areas, and the rise of home investments in suburban places, home renovations are a dominant service that preserve its' stature in Illinois. We have been assisting homeowners in Roselle for years, providing remodeling and renovation services for kitchens, baths, basements, and other rooms.

Kitchen Remodeling

Looking at some of our previous project, the best interior design kitchens have been created from both our design team and our customers. Our goal is to design your kitchen remodel from the ground up, revamping what was previously outdated and aged to a more modern concept with new appliances. We also work well within budget constraints while still providing the renovation you've always dreamed of.

Bathroom Remodeling Services

Large or small bathrooms makes no difference with our professional craftsmen, our team has worked in bathrooms of many shapes and sizes. As the most common renovation, bathrooms are our specialty; creating beautiful layouts and designs and transforming your bathroom into a modern sanctuary. We have a catalogue of concepts and a portfolio of completed works for our customers to get bathroom remodeling ideas from. If you already have a bathroom design in mind, our team can help build it. We take our home remodeling services to the next level with industry leading experts in the trade.

Beautiful Basement Remodeling

Your basment finishing ideas are valued here at Legacy Design & Construction. Working with homeowners and their own concepts is our priority, bringing them to life in the best way possible. Through our basement remodeling services your home will expand with new living quarters, an entertainment room, or a more protected environment for storage. Any idea is plausible and our team can deliver the results your looking for. If you're looking one of the home renovation companies in Roselle that can meet your standards, we're here to help.

Modernized Renovations

A proper home renovation design requires a certain finesse and delicacy to maintain reasonable living arrangements through proper layouts. It also requires a creative mind to utilize the amount of space versus the different rooms you already have. Our team is proficient in 'rebuilding' the interior of your home by reworking the rooms to create new spaces for you and your family to enjoy. Depending on your direction, our home renovations will provide a modernized feel with all the latest trends of home improvement.

House Additions

If you're home does not have enough space to create additional rooms, we provide house extensions to accommodate this. However, if your home is vast, or has exceptionally larger rooms, we can build new additions quite easily using this space. Whichever direction you wish to take our team has experience professionals to deliver the results you're looking for while in alignment with Roselle, IL modern-home standards; this is how we design and remodel homes.

Speak To Our Home Remodeling Experts Today!

We consider all aspects of renovations including your budget. There's never an accurate home remodeling estimator tool without first consulting a professional to know the details of layout and dimensions, desired budget, and goals. Roselle, IL has 8,443 households, all with their own unique design and appeal that benefits the Roselle community as a whole. If you contact us, you're guaranteed an appointment and consultation with our team to go over the basic details. Living in Roselle means living by the motto "Tradition Meets Tomorrow", where the history of our town is represented by the 'bedroom community' concept for generations. We aim to keep it that way with proper home remodeling.