Expert Home Remodeling and Renovations Company Within St. Charles, IL

Expert Home Remodeling and Renovations Company Within St. Charles, IL

Do you own a home in St. Charles, IL with a need for innovative home remodeling & renovations? Our experts have the experience and reliability you can depend on for quality renovations. St. Charles, IL was founded in 1834 with the Fox River cutting straight through the middle of town. Being such an older town, there are many homes in St. Charles that are historic and require a delicate and methodical home remodeling approach from experienced professionals. As the "Pride of the Fox", this town continues to prosper from the renovation idealism that has kept the community strong with great economic growth. We offer all types of home make-over projects, including the most important spaces like kitchens or bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and basements.

Designer Kitchen Remodeling

When you need contractors for kitchen remodel projects, contact our experts at Legacy Design & Construction. By working one-on-one with homeowners and their visions for their new kitchens, we can effectively build the dream kitchen you always wanted. Going with modern trends in St. Charles such as kitchen islands and bar-top counters are just some of the greatest additions we can create. Based on your creative direction we can find a good compromise between your beautiful new kitchen remodel and budget constraints. Home renovations have never been easier with our professional team.

Luxurious Bathroom Remodeling

If you're unsure as to what kind of bathroom design you want, we have several concepts to choose from. Bathrooms can be tricky, where creativity must meet the demands of utility and space. Our team is excellent at making all of these aspects balanced to help you create the perfect bathroom. If you're looking for stand-alone showers, hot-tub bath models, vanities, or designer bathroom tile layouts, we can help. Our goal is to complete the project from start to finish with all the most desire goals while remaining under budget. When you need a home remodeling company that cares, contact the professionals at Legacy Design & Construction.

Basement Remodeling & Finishing

We have a variety of basement finishing ideas and concepts available for homeowners to choose from. Depending on what you're looking for, be it an entertainment room, additional living space, a play-place for children, sports center, or a massive bedroom, we can help you create your vision. If you need a bar installed, or a new bathroom inside of the basement, our team can help. If you're looking to create a custom basement remodeling project we can have our design team work closely with you to build it from scratch. Our team remains flexible to customers ideas and their home remodeling needs in every part of the house.

Home Renovations

We find that home renovations often are not restricted to kitchens and bathrooms only, but also the entire layout of your home. If there are any spaces that you wish to renovate we can help. Our team has over 30 years experience providing home renovations, bringing some of the most modern concepts to life with our expert craftsmen. Ideas for home renovations are welcomed by our company as we work closely with homeowners to deliver their dream home.

House Additions

Our home remodeling company is proficient in home additions and extensions that expand your current living environment. Is your family growing, expecting, or simply in need of additional space? We have the capabilities to add new rooms to create more space for your family. Rearranging the layout is a simple process that can be achieved by working with our expert design team. If you're looking for house extensions we can provide that as well, with trained experts in Illinois building code regulations. We are certified to construct, repair, and maintain any home addition.

Contact A Trusted Home Remodeling Specialist!

Out of the 33,327 residents populating the St. Charles area, 11,072 houses make up the community. Of those households we've serviced a great many of the homeowners in home renovations and remodeling of all types. If you're looking for services that will meet expected goals while remaining in budget, and a company that will listen to your ideas, contact Legacy Design & Construction today!