Customized Home Remodeling & Renovations Serving Schaumburg, IL

Customized Home Remodeling & Renovations Serving Schaumburg, IL

Schaumburg, IL is a beautiful place to live thanks to the standards set by home remodeling companies in the area, including Legacy Design & Construction: a trusted name in renovations and home improvement. If you're looking for remodeling services in Schaumburg, our team can help with custom designs and one-on-one consultations. After all, the motto in this town is "Progress Through Thoughtful Planning", which our company takes seriously for progressive renovation methods that deliver results. Schaumburg was originally settled in 1835, however later became well known thanks to the cleanliness and saftey of the neighborhoods. Since then remodeling homes has been a popular service provided in this area to keep homes updated and within modern trends to preserve property value. Over the years we have assisted homeowners with kitchens designs, bathroom remodels, basement finishing, room additions, house extensions, and complete home renovations.

Kitchen Remodeling Services

We provide kitchen remodeling services that bring modern design trends to your home. As one of the most commonly used spaces in a house, having a comfortable kitchen with all the latest appliances and amenities makes for a happy home. Whether you're looking to design your own kitchen, add traditional kitchen cabinets, or customize the entire floor plan, our team can help bring your ideas to life. The major elements of our home remodeling company rely on the collaboration between you and our design team to design your dream kitchen.

Custom Bathroom Remodeling

Here at Legacy Design & Construction we understand that Schaumburg has certain home improvement standards and most customers want to modernize their existing or new homes. Bathroom remodeling remains the most popular and heavily focused service in the industry. Our design team works one-on-one with our customers to bring their dream bathrooms to life. As we continue to improve customers homes through our home remodeling design services, our experts are here to establish a great experience that will outlast your home.

Expanded Basement Remodeling

If you are looking for professional basement finishing with all of the latest products, amenities, and comforts our team can help. Our team creates one of a kind basement layouts to utilize the space your home has available in the best way. Whether you want that movie room, extra living space, basement bathroom, or want to finish a storage area we can help. This is what our home renovation contractors specialize in.


Schaumburg was established in 1835, and then later populated in 1956, which means there are thousands of homes ranging from old to new. Due to this, our company is familiar with all types of houses and how to effectively provide home renovations in any situation. Our goal is to methodically transform the desired space into a space that is functional for your needs. If you need to renovate multiple rooms, the entire house, or any floor, we can help with our experienced professionals. This includes renovation ideas for small homes which require very particular, clever tactics to utilize less space.

House Extensions & Additions

Finding additional room for a growing family can sometimes be difficult; even more so when thinking of hiring home remodeling contractors to create house additions. However, our team has been assisting homeowners in Schaumburg for over 30 years working well within budgets to help create additions for families in need. Our goal is to figure what areas of your home can be reworked, and then create a new layout that provide additional space. We also provide house extensions to be built on the exterior if requested.

Speak With A Renovation and Remodeling Team Member!

There are 74,227 residents living in Schaumburg, IL. From that, 31,539 homes are established, with a great many seeking home remodeling for better accommodation and way of life. As a family-oriented business we invite homeowners to contact us and see how well our company works within budget limitations and specific design ideas. You may gain additional information or schedule an appointment for consultation.