Custom Home Remodeling & Renovations in South Elgin, IL

Custom Home Remodeling & Renovations in South Elgin, IL

Homeowners in South Elgin, IL can rest easy knowing Legacy Design & Construction can provide professional home remodeling & renovations to their local area. If you're looking for custom designs for any home improvement project, we have expert designers with the experience to help. Once known as Clintonville, South Elgin was once ranked 82nd as "America's Best Places To Live" in a Money magazine series. This comes from a long line of renovating homes from respective residents who believe that innovation creates beautiful neighborhoods. This includes bathrooms, kitchens, basements, additional rooms, and custom renovations. With South Elgin growing to 5,565 households over the years, some might not expect that most homes have undergone renovations. However, home renovations are what keeps homeowners property values up and the city growing.

Kitchen Remodeling Professionals

At Legacy Design & Construction, we believe kitchen remodeling is essential for any out-dated kitchen. Kitchen space has become an important commodity to modern homeowners, where families spend ample amounts of time. With the best designed kitchens available in the South Elgin area, we continue to help residents create 'open' concepts to create enough room for family gatherings. This coincides with the necessities of counter-top space to prepare meals and includes the latest conveniences of appliances and storage. Working with our design team, you can share your design ideas to coordinate our experts in the right direction; bringing your home renovation concepts to life.

Bathroom Remodeling Services

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most requested home improvement jobs we handle, our bathroom remodeling team can design bathrooms of any shape and size. Homeowners looking for experts in this industry can turn to our home remodeling company for all their bathroom needs. Our designers know all of the latest trends for flooring, walls, tubs, showers, tiling, sinks, toilets, and fixtures, to create beautifully renovated spaces. Our goal is making your bathroom remodeling ideas a realistic and achievable project.

Basement Remodeling & Finishing

If you have an empty, dated, or unfinished basement, our team can help transform this under-utilized space into a glorious room for any intended purpose. Whether your basement remodeling vision is a bedroom, entertainment room, bar area, or the immensely popular 'man-cave'. Your basement design ideas are respected by our home renovation contractors who have experience working closely with customers. Your vision is our priority when creating a new finished basement that suits your needs.

House Renovations

With house renovations, you can customize any part of your home. Not limited to the traditional and popular remodeled spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, any area can be renovated to fit your life-style and modern standards. This includes living rooms, bedrooms, guest rooms, hallways, and other areas of your home. We specialize in complete rearrangement of your space for whole-home renovations if your current layout is undesirable.

Room Additions

Many homes come with various sized rooms that can be difficult to determine the best accommodations for your family. With Legacy Design & Construction, you can transform your bedrooms to decrease or increase in space, as well as create room additions. Room additions give desired space in homes where unexpected needs for additional areas become necessary. If you have a baby, or growing teens, room additions and renovations are the answer. This includes assessment of your current space, remodeling, painting walls, shelving, and closets. If you're looking to expand beyond your home, we have house additions that can be built into your home.

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With 20,758 residents in the South Elgin area, it's important for homes to have all the necessary accommodations for living spaces. This is accomplished through home remodeling and renovations that fit within confinements of budget limitations while increasing property value. In a town "Where Tradition Meets The Future", our company continues to assist homeowners in the proper renovating procedures and trends to propel the community in prosperous economic standards. If you're looking to upgrade your space, contact us to schedule an appointment with our team. You will speak to real experts in the industry who can advise you on the proper direction and get your project started before it begins.