Beautiful Home Remodeling & Renovations Company in Streamwood, IL

Beautiful Home Remodeling & Renovations Company in Streamwood, IL

If you have ideas for remodeling your home, look to the professionals at Legacy Design & Construction who provide home remodeling & renovations in Streamwood, IL and the surrounding areas. Streamwood, IL is a small quiet town founded in 1957 that has flourished since then into a prosperous community of 39,858 residents. Streamwood has thrived on the foundation of advanced home improvement projects such as home remodeling to raise and maintain values of homes on the market. Our team has been assisting homeowners of the community for over 30 years remodeling kitchens, basements, bathrooms, and more. You can view our customer reviews at any time to see what our customers say about our work.

Kitchen Remodeling & Designs

Kitchen remodeling for small or large kitchens is our speciality. Our goal is provide you with the kitchen of your dreams by working one-on-one with you to create a stunning design. If you have specific kitchen decor, appliance, or layout ideas we invite you to share them with our experts in order to create your design. Want a kitchen island? No problem! We want our customers to play a key role in the decision making process and provide ideas to create a stunning finished result. Creating a strong layout is the key to better kitchens, with convenience and utility a major benefit.

Bathroom Remodeling Services

If you're looking for a professional bathroom remodeling company in Streamwood, IL our team at Legacy Design & Construction has your back. Our team designs each bathroom remodel on the needs of you and your family. Our contractors listen to your ideas and preferences when designing a new bathroom. If you have envisioned a specific design, we can make it come to life. Bathrooms are the most requested home renovation project in the industry, and we take great care to provide each homeowner with custom designs that uphold modern trends.

Beautiful Basement Remodeling

Our process is simple for basement remodeling, it starts with knowing key information such as budget, desired materials, furniture, and available space. Once we understand your goal, whether it's an additional living quarts or a new entertainment are, we can move forward in creating your basement design. We have dozens of basement finishing ideas on hand, however some of the best designs are achieved when we work one-on-one with homeowners. Our team will work to provide you with your dream basement throughout the process. The basement remodeling estimates can differ depending on the project, which is why we work out budget limitations before hand.

Trendy Home Renovations

Our experts are reliable home renovators that provide a pristine make-over for any part of your home. Renovating a house takes dedication and years of experience that our company has achieved. Creating the perfect trendy renovations that follow certain aspects of Streamwood standards is our specialty. We are proficient at working within budget limitations to provide a quality service that remodels your home without over-spending.

House Additions

Having house additions is a great way to expand your living space for growing families. We also provide house extensions if all of the available space in your home cannot be reworked of rearranged. Our company is proficient in using the current living space and accurately finding a better way to revamp certain areas to make new rooms, for better home remodeling designs. The aspects of renovations depend on the ability to repurpose specific area of your home, which our company can provide.

Contact Our Home Remodeling Team Now!

Feel free to contact our local office for more information. Our team can provide an accurate estimate after scheduling an appointment. Out of the 39,858 people living in Streamwood, IL, we implore you to be one of hundreds who have experienced our difference in the modern flares of home renovations and remodeling. We have old home renovation ideas as well as modern renovation designs to accommodate any age or style of housing. Contact our team at any time for friendly, quality customer service.