Custom Home Remodeling & Renovations Company in Villa Park, IL

Custom Home Remodeling & Renovations Company in Villa Park, IL

Average home renovation costs can differ from home to home. However, here at Legacy Design & Construction we are flexible working within budget limits while providing custom home remodeling services in Villa Park, IL. Villa Park was originally established as a subdivision in 1908 for the workers of Ovaltine's first factory. However, since Villa Park's incorporation, the community has flourished into a prosperous area with modern home's and recreational areas that are attractive for raising families. The community continues to grow with home renovations becoming a main part of maintaining ones home for comfortable living and property value. As the leading provider of remodeling and home design, our team assists homeowners with establishing modern living environments through kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and more. Our company is a trusted home renovation contractor with years of experience and dozens of customer reviews that reflect our quality and care.

Custom Kitchen Remodeling

Getting your kitchen makeover ideas heard during any renovation project is important. You know what you want, and how you want it. Our team is renowned for working with you one-on-one during each phase of your kitchen remodel to create a dream space for your family to enjoy. We want your kitchen to look custom built in every way, while still following some of the modern trends of today's industry. Our team is one of the dedicated home remodeling companies in Villa Park, and works hard to ensure that every remodel our team performs is better than the last.

Shower & Bathroom Remodeling

Shower or bathroom remodeling is the most common service requested for home remodeling. Bathroom designs for small or large bathrooms are easily created with our team. We provide all the accommodations you expect from modern renovations, and include the extra amenities, vanities, decorative flares, and shelving, that make your bathroom more luxurious. When we design a bathroom remodel, we provide as many elements possible within your budget goal.

Basement Remodeling and Finishing

Do you have a growing family, or an longing for that entertainment room you've always wanted? Our unique basement design plans can help deliver the results you desire by renovating your basement. Our basement remodeling services are similar to other areas of the house, aside from the intent or purpose your basement will be used for. Knowing which direction you would like to pursue makes an entirely different approach for the floor plans, layout, furniture positioning, types of furniture, decorations, and more. Our team is flexible and reliable in finding the perfect avenue for your basement and the creative aspects that go alone with it. In any home remodeling project we want the very best for your home and your family.

Home Renovations

Our renovations are pristine with the latest and greatest in modern visual aesthetics, as well as comfort. If you want to renovate a house on a budget our team can help make your dreams come true with top-notch services. In the event that your home is smaller or has limited space, our company can rework sections of your home to suit your needs. If your current design or layout is no longer desirable we can recreate an entire floor plan that will be more feasible. With our home remodeling company we make your renovations a finished product that any homeowner would enjoy.

Additions and Extensions

With home additions it takes a certain professional approach that our team is capable of delivering. When you need room additions, providing accurate measurements, room adjustments, shifting amenities or walls, and overall rearranging and reevaluating your living space. Our priority is to revamp certain spaces to create new room(s) that you need for growing families. If you're home conditions cannot solicit additional space, or if you prefer, we can build a house extension that will accomplish the same goal.

Get A Home Renovation and Remodeling Consultation!

At Legacy Design & Construction, dedication to custom made renovations is our specialty. Our goal is create better living and better housing through home remodeling and renovations that provides optimal family functionality and convenience. We are proud to serve the 21,800 residents of the Village of Villa Park, IL and invite homeowners to be one of many contributing to better lifestyles and a growth community. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our experts who can work with your estimated budget, costs, and time frame.