Get Home Remodeling & Renovations in Woodridge, IL

Get Home Remodeling & Renovations in Woodridge, IL

Our Team at Legacy Design & Construction provides custom home remodeling, renovations, and home additions for homeowners in Woodridge, IL. Woodridge started as a small town until Albert Kaufman began building houses in 1959, creating a beautiful community in the process. With a population of over 34,000, the town of Woodridge is continuing to grow while the homes continue to age. Our home remodeling team has been helping Woodridge homeowners remodel and renovate their homes for over 30 years. We handle all rooms in modern renovations including kitchens, bathrooms, and basements, as well as additions and extensions. The decision to remodel any room in your home is about more than building your dream kitchen or bathroom, it is also about raising the property value of your home to be competitive in the real-estate market. Our team of expert designers at Legacy Design & Construction have completed hundreds of jobs and has a consistent record of happy clients, take a look at our customer reviews to see what our past clients say about their remodeling or renovation projects.

Kitchen Remodeling Designs

The best remodeled kitchens come from a direct collaboration between our designers our clients. When choosing Legacy Design & Construction you're getting real experts who know every aspect of kitchen remodeling, from what cabinets or appliances will fit in your budget to what type of tile will complement your aesthetic. If you have special request such as a kitchen island, specific cabinetry, or types of countertop materials, our team is here to listen and deliver the results you desire. Our home remodeling is achieved by working together for a positive experience and project.

Bathroom Remodeling Services

When you need a great concept for your new bathroom that is both modern and innovative, Legacy Design & Construction is here to help. We work together with our customers to create the best bathroom design that encompasses the daily lives of their family. Our team has remodeled master baths, half baths, and guest bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. Our team knows the latest trends in bathroom styles for tile, layout, vanities, and more. Our goal is ensure a great experience for homeowners by providing a one-of-a-kind design and professional service for their bathroom remodeling project.

Finished Basement Remodeling

At Legacy Design & Construction we offer a means for homeowners to experience the beauty and potential of their basement. With any sized budget we can remodel your basement with a clean, finished look. No matter your vision, whether you want a bar, a bedroom, a movie theater, or to finish a storage space our team has the expertise to help. With real dedication from our creative team we can build a finished basement that works for your family and your spending limits. Our experts want to provide every homeowner with the basement of their dreams, and strive to provide great customer service.

Room Renovations

We have a special niche for repurposing rooms, to make new rooms or reestablish layout of your entire home. Our craftsmen are proficient in all home improvement aspects, with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We're familiar with Woodridge, IL and the modern trends that homeowners in the area uphold for property growth. Any type renovation is achievable with our home remodeling company and professional approach, to shift any room or space to create better living conditions.

Room Additions & Extensions

Do you have a growing family? Need more living space in your home? Our company help with room additions and house extensions that seamlessly work with your home and budget. The experts of our team work efficiently in reasonable deadlines to deliver results quickly and professionally. We create offices, entertainment rooms, guest rooms, baby rooms, or simple additional rooms for any generic purpose. If there is no workable space within your home we can build an extension on the exterior. We guarantee a seamless finish for home design purposes to blend with your style. All of our home renovation designs within these rooms will utilize optimal space.

Consult A Home Remodeling Expert Today!

During any of our initial assessments we piece together all of the important information that will allow us to create a solid concept. Then we can provide an expected cost with our home remodeling estimator, and work within the budget. Woodridge being founded in 1959, much later than other Illinois towns, set a precedence for more modern homes and renovation mind-set for prosperous communities in DuPage County. If you're looking to get started, contact us today to consult with a home remodeling expert today!